Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don Bartley, Thai Donuts and Tape....Glorious Tape.

Last weekend I flew up to Sydney to have my CD, Ghost Songs, Mastered by Don Bartley ( The Yoda of Mastering ). Don has worked with some amazing artists over the last 30 years including David Bowie, Sigur Ros, Inxs, Midnight Oil and countless other legends.
The mastering session was definitely one of the best musical and emotional experiences of my bizarre little life. Don did an incredible job. Not only did he understand what I was trying to say, he helped me say "it" so much better through his approach to the mastering process. He also is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

Here's a little photo/film journal of the mastering experience.

10:00 am - I meet my buddy Dave and his daughter at Chat Thai in the city on Campbell st. On Dave's recommendation, I stock up on two massive bags of Thai donuts and head over to 301- Benchmark Mastering. The donuts are out of control. Thanks for tip Dave.

10:35 am - Typically over caffeinated, steaming donuts in hand and 5 minutes late, I fumble my way into the studio's foyer. I meet Don and nervously blurt out "I brought the donuts Don, sorry I'm late!" Don grins and immediately I like him. We get to work straight away.

10:40 am - I start jamming donuts into my face. We talk about the music and have a listen to some of the Ghost Song tracks.

10:50 am - Don suggests that the CD would sound great if it was run through tape. Running the recording through tape can only mean one thing- Analogue Brownness Baby!
I became really excited because I wasn't expecting this suggestion. Stuttering and stammering I managed, "C-COOL! Y-Y-YEAH, L-LET'S DO IT"

So Don started working his magic...

Here is some footage of the studio with the tunes tracking to tape.

17:00 pm - My stomach is bulging full of donuts and my ears are on a new spiritual plane. In my hands is the Ghost Songs Master. I couldn't be happier.

This is Don. Thanks Buddy. I am eternally grateful.

Now it's time to print up the CD!
More soon. Stay tuned...